Privacy Policy

When you create a Mezzanine account you provide your email address. Your email address is used for logging in to Mezzanine, resetting your password, and responding to emails that you initiate. Your email address might occasionally be used to initiate correspondence from Mezzanine but it is never shared with any other party.

You may decide to provide your name and/or a profile image for your Mezzanine account. If available from Gravatar, a profile image may be assigned to your account based on your email address. If you sign in using a social network such as Google or Facebook, your name, email address, and profile image might be populated from that provider. Your name and profile image (but not your email address) may be displayed within the app to you and other users. These details are not shared with any other party. Your name and profile image can be changed or removed from your account at any time.

Mezzanine stores the shows you add to your theater diary and your lists. Some of this information is anonymously aggregated to provide insight about how Mezzanine is used. For example, the 'Trending Shows' feature is based on the number of people adding each show to their diary over a given period.

You can choose to share you diary entries so that other Mezzanine users can view them on their feed. Each diary entry has one of three visibility settings:

  • A private diary entry can only be seen by its author, and never appears on the feed.
  • A public diary entry may be displayed to other Mezzanine users on their feed, including all of its details. These details include the date, time, and location of the performance, your rating and review, non-private photos, and anything else you enter when you create or update the diary entry. The only exception is the ‘notes’ field, which is always private.
  • A private review diary entry may be displayed to other uses on their feed just like a public diary entry, but your written review is not shared.

Each diary entry’s visibility can be set when the entry is created, or updated at any time later. You can also update the visibility setting for all of your existing diary entries at once.

Your profile can be viewed by other Mezzanine users. This includes any diary entries that you have not made private, your recent Mezzanine activity, which other Mezzanine users you follow, and some aggregated maps and charts based on your diary entries.

Most of your data, including diary entries and lists, can be permanently deleted at any time within the app. Permanent deletion of your account and all associated data can be requested via the 'Feedback' link in the app's settings or by emailing

Apple, with your consent, may provide anonymous technical information to developers to help improve app performance. Mezzanine also uses Firebase Services to further improve the app. Firebase's privacy policy can be found here. Mezzanine only uses a subset of Firebase's services. These include Crashlytics for crash reporting and performance monitoring, and Firebase Analytics to understand how Mezzanine is used. The information collected is anonymous.

Your information is stored securely and is never sold or rented to any other party.

Changes to This Policy

  • August 25, 2019 - First published.
  • Sep 22, 2021 - Added data deletion instructions.
  • Oct 6, 2021 - Added information about social features.
  • Mar 23, 2022 - Included mention of photos as a diary entry detail that can be displayed in the feed.
  • Apr 13, 2022 - Added email address for data deletion.